Privacy Policy

Standard Privacy Policy

Hamilton Travel Ltd. processes personal data according to GDPR regulation (EU) 2016/679. We hope the following policy will help you understand how we collect, use, and safeguard the personal data you provide to us through our various systems. We advise you to read this privacy policy carefully. If you have any questions regarding privacy issues, you may send an email to or write to us at the address provided above.

We do not obtain any personal data, that is, information that identifies you as an individual other than that which you choose to provide. We only collect information  relevant to conduct our business, for marketing purposes and to monitor the improvement of our products. We collect, use and keep any personal information given to us by you, strictly for the purposes indicated in this policy in strict adherence to local Data Protection laws.

We do not send unsolicited mail, messages or junk mail. Customers have a right to request not to receive direct marketing material by sending an email to or writing to us at the address provided above.

We do not provide any third parties, except the principals and/or business partners of Hamilton Travel Ltd., with any information that you provide unless obliged to do so by law, by court order, for the purposes of legal procedures or with your specific consent.

Market research using customer information is only carried out so that we may understand our customers’ needs and business trends and in order to develop and improve our products.

Third party service providers may be contracted to provide services to us. For this purpose, we will need to provide such companies/organisations with the necessary personal data. We will make it mandatory on such companies/organisations to strictly comply with all applicable provisions of law when processing your personal data in the provision of their services to us.

Authorised third parties, including external service providers, with permitted access to your information are specifically required to apply appropriate security measures to appropriate technical and organisational security measures that may be necessary to safeguard the personal data being processed from unauthorised or accidental disclosure, loss or destruction and from any unlawful forms of processing.

All reasonable efforts are made to keep customer information up-to-date. You will help us take prompt and efficient action by informing us of any changes to your personal data by sending an email to or writing to us at the address provided above.

You may write to us at the above address if you would like to know what personal information we hold about you.

We strive to invest in the latest security technologies available and maintain strict information security policies designed to prevent unauthorised access to your information by anyone, including our staff.

All our employees are aware of their responsibility for maintaining customer confidentiality and complying with our information security policies.

We reserve the right, at our complete discretion, to change, modify, add and/or remove portions of this policy at any time.