South America

This is the land of Samba and Tango, a continent where you can still taste the atmosphere of a lost world.

South America is an experience to be lived through the senses; let yourself be swept away by its high spirits and lively culture, as well as by regional delicacies (Feijoada, pastel de queijo, coxinha) available on board your MSC cruise, where every detail reflects the culture of each port for an authentic experience.

A journey on an MSC Cruise is an experience, a chance to discover the natural beauty offered by environmental sanctuaries straight out of an adventure novel: endless white beaches and crystal clear waters.

Number of Days
3, 5, 8 nights
Sailing Period
December 2024 - March 2025


Cruises from South America

Embark on a mesmerizing South American cruise along Brazil’s stunning coastline. Depart from the iconic Rio de Janeiro, visiting the famous Copacabana beach, the charming town of Buzios, and the lush island of Ilhabela. Continue north to the vibrant city of Salvador de Bahia. Each stop offers unique cultural experiences, beautiful beaches, and captivating sights, all while enjoying the amenities on board The MSC Orchestra. This cruise promises an unforgettable exploration of Brazil’s most enchanting coastal destinations.

Cruises from South America

Experience the enchantment of a South American cruise, starting from the vibrant Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sail to the cultural gem of Montevideo, Uruguay, and continue to Brazil’s pristine coastal destinations: Balneário Camboriú, the lush paradise of Ilhabela, and the iconic city of Rio de Janeiro. This journey offers a perfect blend of stunning landscapes, rich cultures, and luxurious on-board amenities. Discover the best of South America’s coastline, making unforgettable memories at every stop.

Cruises from South America

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