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Visiting: Kigali, Nyungwe National Park

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Africa has always captured the heart, imagination and sense of adventure in people from around the world. In recent years, as with any other region in the world, certain countries have become a trending hot spot for visitors looking for something a little different, and Rwanda is most definitely one of them!

This small, land-locked country in East Africa has quickly been gaining a positive reputation internationally when it comes to tourism. Dubbed as the cleanest country in Africa and one of the most progressive, Rwanda may indeed be small but it certainly has a lot to offer! Aside from the expected natural scenery and wildlife, the country also offers something for those who enjoy a little history and culture.

Rwanda most definitely went through a turbulent and violent past during the genocide back in 1994, and while that period in history will remain in infamy it also offers visitors a chance to learn more about this time thanks to the various unique museums available.





On arrival into Rwanda, you are most likely to arrive in its capital, Kigali. The city is quickly becoming recognised as a place for fantastic restaurants, lounges and nightlife – and more importantly, safety.



While there are certainly many things to see in the Rwandan capital, most, naturally, make their way out and around the country mostly to spectacular Lake Kivu to the west of the country. This stunning lake is shared with neighboring Congo and offers a wide variety of water-based activities including kayaking and sailing. Lake Kivu is also a great location to be based in order to visit surrounding areas, most notably Nyungwe National Park which is home to spectacular wildlife, waterfalls, rivers and various hiking and walkways available.



Another unique activity available in Rwanda is the famous Gorilla Tracking. Very carefully monitored and looked after, these gentle creatures have slowly been increasing in numbers over the last few years thanks to efforts of the local government and NGOs in the area.

At the latest count, there are approximately 1,000 wild Gorillas left in the wild.





There are several airline options that can take you from Malta to Rwanda which will also include a connection along the way. As Rwanda is a small country, many travellers also opt to include another nearby country to their itinerary, most popularly, Tanzania only an hour’s flight away.

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